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   What do you bait a rat trap with? Ratnip, of course! Ratnip is formulated to be an irresistible rodent bait. It was developed by nuisance animal control professionals who discovered the secret to what effectively attracts rats & mice. Now there finally is a product that answers that age old question

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Ratnip was created by discovering what rats eat when allowed to choose from a wide variety of foods. We were really surprised at what they prefer. And after trial and testing, we developed a unique rat trap bait that does a much better job than the usual suggestions of cheese and peanut butter.

Our mouse & rat trap bait has been successfully tested in tough eradication jobs that require bait that really works. Besides, who wants to feed rats from the same peanut butter jar that you use to make your kids sandwiches anyway? If you are like most of the folks we've talked to, you'd rather not.

Our product comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle. Ratnip is non-toxic and can be used reliably as a rat or mouse trap bait for: snap traps, glue boards & live traps.

Ratnip is proudly made in the U.S.A.

How do you trap that rat or mouse? Get Ratnip at your favorite local hardware store.

    Attracts Rats & Mice Quickly

        Works with Snap Traps, Glue Boards and Live Non-Toxic